Sell Your House in La Habra

How do you know if it’s the right time to sell a house in La Habra?

Whether you’re ready to sell your home or simply trying to find a realtor in La Habra, the initial steps can be emotional − but they need not be stressful.  When owners sell begin a realtor search they sometimes believe that timing is everything.   But that’s not necessarily true.  You can do well financially in almost every market, when you get the right advice.  There can be advantages for sellers not just in hot (or warm) markets like this one, but even in a soft real estate market.  Often the seller of a home on one hand is a buyer who’s getting a great deal in some other transaction.  Whether the market is booming or softening, we offer real-time insights along with comparable values, so you make informed decisions. 

With a La Habra seller’s agent as your trusted advisor, you can plan to sell with confidence at any stage in the La Habra real estate cycle. While many of our buyers are moving up from Fullerton or Brea, or other Orange County neighborhoods, we also promote your La Habra house for sale through our partnership with World Properties.    Our marketing strategies generate the widest exposure after we list a home, and position it in the most favorable light.  As we bring both local and global clients to the table, we market your property to help potential buyers fall in love with your home just as you did.

What makes us the best seller’s agent in La Habra – especially for West Country Hills and East Country Hills Drive?

Five key aspects set us apart as one of the best La Habra real estate agents. First is the fact that we know this market so well, and we’ve “been around the block” many, many times.  The housing market’s always changing.  You see it.  We see it.  Your home’s value can fluctuate based on many factors, ranging from curb appeal, to neighbors, to the ambiance buyers feel when they first walk in.  We don’t just evaluate those elements – we help you move the needle to maximize the true value of your home.  So you get the best sale price.   

Second, we know you’re looking for an advocate.  You wantpros who use their experience to get you the RIGHT price.  Not just any sale will do – and if you’re sentimental, perhaps not just any buyer, either.   You need a realtor who’s not only a neighborhood specialist, but one who has the particular expertise in the exact area you’re targeting, to provide the proper comps and insights that a generalist can’t offer.  So whether you’re selling a single family residence, a condo or a townhome we help you maximize the value of your real estate sale in La Habra.

Third, we market your property and all our realtor listings more effectively than most.  Because your time is valuable, and your home is sacred to you, we’re selective about who we show your home to.  Yes we may host an Open House if we feel that’s appropriate, and we work make it creative so you get more attention and exposure.   But we also know when a house would actually do better by been positioned as exclusive, seen by private appointment only.  For example when we sold Jonah Hill’s house, or Tommy La Sorda’s condo – but this applies to other homes as well.  We’ll tailor the approach to what’s best for you.

How does a La Habra Heights realtor PRICE a house for sale in La Habra CA?

Listing a house for sale in La Habra at just the right price is the trickiest part − and it’s where we as a Seller’s Agent truly earn our fee.  Because it’s not as easy as it seems!  For example, Zillow readily admits the figure they show as a zestimate can be too low by 5%, or too high by 5%.  On a $1 million dollar home on East or West Country Hills Drive in La Habra, that means a potential $100,000 swing:  if the home value is 5% less, it’d be hard to sell for anything over $950,000.  On the other hand, its true value could be 5% more:  that’s $1,050,000.  And in that case you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.  

So whether you choose us or someone else, stay open-minded if the comps and the suggested list price is different from what Zillow or some other search engine suggests.  We on the other hand can peg your house more precisely – not only because we see it up close and personal, but because we can reveal the additional dollars that could be unlocked with several quick improvements that increase home value, and perhaps if you were to stage the home, with our help.  These elements can add up to 15% more dollars to the “as is” value of your home.

Some listing agents dangle a list price that’s quite on the high side, hoping an exited seller quickly signs the listing agreement − even when the basis for big promises is shaky.  They may simply plan to return asking for price reductions in a few weeks.  We of course don’t play that game.  We value your trust and so we aim to under-promise and over-deliver. 

That starts with getting the most eyeballs for your listings.  For example, home buyers typically fill out an online form with a price range, minimum and maximum.  If you’re above that range by even $1, it’s like your house doesn’t even exist!  They’ll never see it.  So if you price your home at $700,000 you could miss out on a bunch of people searching in the $600,000–$699,999 price range.   Thus, if you’re on the cusp we might suggest rounding down to capture more eyeballs – maybe to $698,888 because “8” is considered lucky by some buyers, and could still bring you up above your asking price.

Check out the graph below.  Statistics prove that most showings occur when a house first appears on the market.  After an initial burst of showings, activity typically decreases.  So it’s vital to position your home at the most inviting price during this initial market exposure, in an effort to generate multiple offers so we can create negotiating leverage.

Starting with a price that’s too aggressive and planning to reduce it later is one of the biggest mistakes we see.  Ironically, homes with a lower asking price tend to end up with multiple offers above asking, and those with overly aggressive pricing often end up having to come down after weeks or months of lingering – often to a level below what they could have gotten if they’d priced it compellingly in the first place.   We work hard to avoid that, and instead hit the perfect balance – so you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ve neither turned off potential buyers, nor left money on the table.

We negotiate to maximize your sale price as top real estate agent in La Habra

Most buyers come in 5-10% lower than the asking price, expecting to negotiate with home realtors – unless we succeed in creating a competitive bidding situation.  Once the offer(s) are in, you can choose to counter.  We’ll work to learn as much as we can about the buyer and what they like, what they value.  We try to ferret out details about any time constraints they may have, number of other properties they’ve seen, and other factors that can influence their decision to meet or beat your asking price.

Of course, it’s important to realize that no matter how hot (or slow) the market may happen to be, the rule of thumb is that the highest offers tend to come in the earliest days of most listings.  The sooner you get an acceptable offer, the higher the price is likely to be.  That’s why our pricing strategy as your La Habra realtor agent aims to get a lot of activity in the early days – so we can negotiate with multiple buyers while the property is still seen as fresh.

When we’ve got you a good offer, we as your ally negotiate the best possible deal terms.  Price is one element, but contingencies and inspections and repairs are another area where we work for the most favorable outcomes.   Clients trust our record as the best realtor in La Habra CA for creative problem solving.  Our integrity, knowledge and reliability build trust among all the parties, including buyers and their reps, to ensure that nothing derails your desire to close as soon as possible. 

From finding the right people to make quick value-adding improvements, to decluttering, organizing and staging, we help you maximize your value.  Professional photographs and a video of your property, which are typically offered only by high end realtors, are standard in our listing package.  And professional photography has been shown to generate 118% more online views, result in sales that are 50% faster and 39% closer to the list price.  And that’s just one element of our broad real estate marketing strategy when we sell homes in La Habra.

You’d be surprised:  even the smallest things can make the difference and seal the deal for the sale of your La Habra home.  Whether we sell houses on East or West Country Hills Drive, in La Habra Heights or elsewhere, we take the time to understand your unique needs and values.  You don’t have to know a lot, or even do a lot.  Our La Habra real estate agent team has it covered.  Why don’t we begin by exploring your options.