Sell Your House in Brea

4 techniques that sell homes in Brea for top dollar

Who you work with matters.   When you’re ready to sell a home in Brea, you’ll find lots of Brea real estate agents eager to have your listing.  But how do you know who’s good – and who’s best for you?  Reviews and referrals are a great place to start – which is why we’re so proud of our record on this score.  Another great indicator is the level of insight and detail you get from an agent about how they intend to get the maximum value from your specific home.  Your needs are unique.  When we sell houses, we start by listening.  Then we select a clear strategy and apply proven techniques that result in faster sales.  How?  We partner with you to:

  1. MAXIMIZE your true underlying value – with staging and selective fix-ups

  2. SELECT just the right price

  3. MARKET your home to get the best offers quickly

  4. NEGOTIATE great terms, and close rapidly

The housing market is always changing.  You know it.  We know it.  Your home’s value could fluctuate based on any number of factors, from curb appeal to neighbors. We’re on top of neighborhood trends, and have a unique, transparent approach.  And we apply our expertise to get you best results.  Because we’ve done this lots of times. 

Step 1:  When you sell a house in Brea, increase home value with some quick fixes

“Easy to say!” … and with help from our team, it’s also easy to do.  We walk through your home with you and offer our fresh eyes – gently sharing what we see as if we were your dream buyer.  We’ll make a short list of improvements that can add great returns quickly.  For example, we’ll help you see what to declutter:  because your closets and rooms look 2x as big when you remove half the items.  “Dream on,” you might think!   We’ll show you how to do it with less effort. 

Can a can of paint add thousands of dollars to your sales price?  Absolutely.  Because while you know your home is valuable, sometimes it takes a fresh coat and some new bling to help potential buyers see it too.  We help you prioritize, brighten and decorate so that each room has a clear purpose – enabling buyers to picture themselves immediately enjoying the space.  

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, our carefully honed list of steps and tips can create focus and energy.  And for clients who prefer to delegate, we have a great menu of options – ranging from minor improvements to redesign and full or partial home staging.

Did you a modest investment in staging, can make you money?  According to theNational Association of REALTORS® “2016 Profile of Home Staging”, 71%  of sellers’ agents believe a well-staged environment increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer, with an increase in price ranging from 1% to 5%.  For a home priced at $800,000, that’s a nifty return of $8,000 to $40,000 … on staging costs that average about $1,800 - $2,400 depending on the specifics of the home.  As top realtors in Brea, we show you how, or even simply make it happen for you.  Just like that.

Step 2.   PRICING your Brea house just right – how a top seller’s agent does it

The most critical factor when selling a house in Brea is setting the right price, given the attractiveness-level of the particular home.  The price at which your property is marketed determines whether you’re more likely to get multiple offers in a short space of time, or whether the property might linger for months until you decide to either reduce the price or withdraw from the market. 

So after we maximize the underlying value of your home in Step 1, we calculate the optimal balance between a fast sale at a great price, vs. the downside risk of reaching too high.  Why?  Because over-pricing of the property may result in a smaller buyers' pool, and a prolonged stay on the market that will result in lower offers being submitted.  But under-pricing the property could result in you leaving money on the table. WE find the right balance, and show you how and why we recommend what we do.  

While our methods are tailored to every situation, one favored approach is to propose a slightly lower list-price price in an effort to attract significantly more traffic and create a sense of urgency among buyers.  When buyers and agents know “this deal won’t last long”, it often results in getting faster offers, and more of them.  In most cases, this translates to a somewhat higher price than when we start with higher number that gets fewer clicks or visits.  Counter-intuitive?  Yes.  Proven effective?  Absolutely.   Because it’s always easier to ask for more, when you have multiple offers to negotiate from a position of strength.

Step 3.  How we MARKET to sell your home in Brea for top value

Our marketing strategies cover all the angles, and we start by making sure your property visually stands out from the competition.  Professional photography is essential to a successful home sale in Brea, and we are the only real estate agency in Brea that includes professional real estate photography with every listing.  According to IMOTO 2016 Impact of Professional Photography, this investment on the part of high-end realtors like us results in 50% faster sale, 39% closer to the list price, and generates 118% more online views.  So we start with professional photos.

While the some aspects of our strategy are proprietary, as they help us stand out from other Brea real estate agents, we can give you some glimpses into our Brea Realtors Marketing Strategies.  For example, Brea houses for sale will be listed on dozens of real estate websites within 24 hours of activation in the MLS.  And because what used to be a local real estate market has gotten quite global, we also partner with World Properties, the official hub of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations.  While many of our buyers continue to come from Brea or neighboring cities like Fullerton or La Habra where we also have a strong presence, as well as other Orange County neighborhoods, we do have access to a substantial number of buyers from Asia.  Happily for sellers, many of them have the cash for a quick close, with few contingencies.

Step 4.  Negotiating to maximize your price when selling a house in Brea (30)

Once we’ve got you a good offer (and hopefully several), we as a Brea realtor are your greatest ally in getting you the best possible deal.  Most buyers come in 5-10% lower than the asking price, expecting to negotiate … unless we successfully set the stage for a bidding contest where they sense pressure to come in with a very strong offer from the start.  In any case, we as home realtors work to learn as much as possible about the buyers and that they value most:  including ferreting out details about how many other properties they’ve seen, any time constraints they be under, and other factors that can influence their decision to meet or exceed your asking price.

We’ve built a reputation as a realtor agent that enables not only you as the Seller to trust us as your reliable advisor, but also with buyers’ agents who know that we are tough but fair.  We seek to create win-wins, so that all parties can feel great about the transaction.  Once the terms are set, we continue to be on tap for creative solutions to solve any problems that might arise.  We’ve seen just about every obstacle to a successful close, and have successfully overcome them. 

Our integrity, knowledge and reliability build trust among all Brea CA realtors, as well as the buyer and others to ensure that nothing derails your desire to close as soon as possible.  We love helping sellers like you complete a successful sale. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and your values.  It’s also why we’re among the top real estate agents in Brea.

You don't have to have time or know-how to do everything, or even much about anything, to get started when you’re ready to put your house for sale in Brea.  We bring in resources to do what you can’t do on your own, to maximize the value of your home.  Ready to find a realtor? Let’s begin by looking at your options together.