Sell Your House in Fullerton

3 steps to getting the best price when we sell homes in Fullerton

When you’re just starting to think about selling your home or you’re ready to find a realtor in Fullerton, rest assured the process need not be complex.  Think of it in just 3 easy phases.  And as a Fullerton seller’s agent we’re with you at every step.  For example, we work with you to:

  1. SPRUCE it up so it looks like a gem − and smells like hope!
  2. LIST it at the right price – and MARKET to get multiple offers
  3. NEGOTIATE the very best deal – and close QUICKLY        

We make Fullerton houses for sale sparkle – and smell like hope!

And what exactly does “hope” smell like?!  Well, think of a time you checked into a fancy hotel. Or when you toured a model home in a newer development.  Or some other occasion when you walked into a place and immediately felt like you wanted to live there – or at least stay as long as you could.  That’s right!  That’s the scent of hope.  A feeling of ease.  Thinking you can rest a while.  Expecting to have a good time.

Now if we could just bottle that scent and spritz it around, we’d be the king among Fullerton real estate agents.  But the fact is, you have to find a way to create it yourself.  With some help from us, of course. While we can recommend vanilla or citrus-scented candles, the true smell of hope rises from your “sprucing up” activities.  It’s the honest-to-goodness by-product of airing, clearing, cleaning -- and perhaps even painting, buffing and staging your home.  Of course, you don’t have to do it all yourself.   We have options to make a house shine and to increase home value without  working your fingers to the bone.  So we start by discussing how you can put your best foot forward.

How do we price houses for sale in Fullerton − to attract multiple offers?

Setting a price tag on a home you’re trying to sell can be a tricky thing. For one thing, it’s your home!  Filled with memories, hopes and dreams.  But emotions can cloud one’s judgment and lead to the wrong price.  And as a realtor agent we’re the first to see the consequences.  Aiming too high can make a home languish on the market for months, or perhaps not sell at all.  But if it’s priced too low, we risk leaving money on the table that you truly deserve.

Most showings occur when a house first appears on the market, and most buyers’ agents encourage their active, qualified buyers to see newly listed homes first.  After an initial burst of showings, activity typically decreases, as only buyers who are new to the market visit homes that have been on the market longer.  So as a Fullerton real estate agent we know it’s critical to position your home at the most attractive price during its initial market exposure, and aim to generate multiple offers so that we create negotiating leverage.  When a buyer knows there’s another offer, it often makes your home all the more attractive and typically leads to a better deal than when we aim high and see fewer buyers.

As the chart above shows, a house that sits on the market 4 weeks among other realtor listings ends up at what should have been the original list price, at which point it’s already lost momentum.  At the 8 week mark there’s a risk the actual sale price might end up slightly below its true market value.  We work hard to avoid that – and we start by working with you to find the perfect balance. So you have true peace of mind.

How do we as top realtors market your Fullerton house for sale?

What used to be a local real estate market has gotten quite global.  While a fair number of buyers continue to come from Fullerton or neighboring cities like Brea or La Habra where we also have a strong presence, and the majority of buyers come from a 20-mile radius in Orange County – a substantial number of buyers are coming from Asia.  Happily for sellers, many of them have the cash for a quick close with few contingencies.  As Fullerton home realtors we have access to this market whose influence has been growing for decades, especially in Fullerton.

Thus, our marketing and realtor search is both local and global.  We partner with World Properties, the official hub of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations.  While aspects of our technique are proprietary − our secret recipe, like KFC! − you can glimpse of some of the real estate marketing strategies we deploy when you list a Fullerton home for sale with us.

The work we invest to maximize the underlying value of your house from the outset, combined with great pricing techniques and marketing strategies, often generate several offers in a short space of time.  By the way, our services include a set of professional photos and a video that’s the hallmark of only high end realtors like us.  These are proven to generate 118% more online views, result in offers that are 50% faster, and 39% closer to the list price.   Then comes the fun part!

How do we as a Fullerton seller’s agent negotiate to maximize your price?

Once the offer(s) are in, you can choose to counter.  Unless we’ve successfully set the stage for a bidding contest, most buyers come in 5-10% lower than the asking price, expecting to negotiate.  We’ll work to learn as much as we can about the buyer and what they like, what they value … including ferreting out details about any time constraints they may have, number of other properties they’ve seen, and other factors that can influence their decision to meet your asking price.  Or to top it!

When you get a robust offer relatively soon after your house is first listed, it’s human nature to think there may be something even better ahead − if you just hold out a few more weeks.  “Let’s wait and see if someone beats this offer” might be a tempting thought.  But statistics show that no matter how hot (or slow) the market may happen to be, the rule of thumb is this:  the highest offers tend to come in the earliest days for most listings.  Holding out for more almost never works out for the better.

So when you’ve got a good offer, as  a seller’s agent we’re your strongest ally in negotiating the best possible deal terms.   Clients trust our reputation for being the best realtor based on our record of favorable results as their advisors.  And we’re on tap for creative solutions to solve any problem that could arise during the process.  We’ve seen just about every obstacle to a successful close -- and we’ve successfully overcome virtually all of them.  Our integrity, knowledge and reliability build trust among all the parties, including buyers and their representatives, to ensure that nothing derails your desire to close as soon as possible.

We love to sell houses in Fullerton and to see homeowners like you make a successful, happytransition to your next abode.   So when youlist your home, we take the time to understand your needs and your values.  You don't have to have time or know-how to do everything, or even much about anything, to get started.  As a Fullerton realtor, we bring resources to do what you can’t do on your own, to maximize the value of your home.  So let’s start by looking at your options, shall we?