Homes for Sale Fullerton CA

How do you know if it’s the right TIME to find Fullerton homes for sale?

The decision to purchase your first (or next!) home can be an emotional one, but it need not be a stressful one.  First, how do you know if it's the right time?!

Well, there’s never actually a wrong time to buy a home, if it’s “the right one” for you.  The key is finding a home you love, at a good price:  one that can become a great investment, with equity build-up and value appreciation.  Whether it’s your starter-house or your forever-home, it can become an automatic savings plan, in addition to a source of pride. 

Are the homes for sale in Fullerton right for YOU?

That depends!  Do you already live in Fullerton, and are deciding whether to stay in the area?  Maybe your family’s growing, and you want a larger place.  Or you’re ready to move upmarket as your income has grown.  Perhaps you rent or own elsewhere in Orange County and are drawn by Fullerton’s educational opportunities, jobs, or transit options.  The commute is a deciding factor for 29% of buyers − and the average trip from Fullerton to Los Angeles on Metrolink or Amtrak is just 30 minutes.

Many buyers looking for a home in Fullerton currently live in an adjoining city such as Brea or La Habra, and are expanding their search.  While some buyers are from outside the county, even international, most already know the appeal of this historic city.  If you’ve found our homes in Fullerton page, you probably have a good idea of what you want, and why.

Now, just to make sure, we’ll summarize the conditions of the local market currently.  You tell us what you need and want in your next home, then we analyze it and search for Fullerton homes that fit your criteria and budget.  We start to see if we’re on the right track, and scout what’s available in other vicinities that you may also like.  Sub-neighborhoods we might target could include ● Acacia Park ● Amerige Heights ● Coyote Hills ● Fairway Village ● Hawks Pointe ● Las Palmas ● Malvern ● Parkhurst Fullerton homes for sale ● Raymond Hills ● Skyline Drive ● Sunny Hills Fullerton Homes for Sale

HOW do we help you find homes for sale in Fullerton CA?

Whether you’re looking at new homes for sale in Fullerton, historic homes, craftsman homes, ranch style homes, million dollar homes -- or even homes for sale in Downtown Fullerton– we’ll find something that delights you.  We start by validating your price range, and connecting you with a great mortgage lender,  if you’re not already pre-qualified.  We help you find your purchasing-power sweet spot with an online Home Affordability Calculator.

Once you’ve got a price range, we set up your unique search criteria.  We pinpoint homes in Fullerton CA that fit your most important needs, and as many of your wants as possible, asking questions such as:   

  1. How much space do you need?  How long do you expect to stay?

  1. What’s more critical: size or location?

  2. What is your home-style: traditional? modern?

  3. What features on your list are “not negotiable”?

  4. What trade-offs are you willing to make?   Care more about a big yard, or big kitchen?  A larger bedroom or a nicer bathroom?

  5. Might a fixer-upper be an option?

We’ll visit a few open houses or new homes in Fullerton CA to gauge what's on the market and how you respond to what you think you wanted.  As you look at homes, your priorities may change along the way . . .  and that’s OK!

HOW we help you decide the Offer Price, on homes for sale in Fullerton

Once you've found a home you love, we review other properties in the neighborhood to help you choose the best price point.  What are some things we consider, to help you make a well-informed offer?

  1. The List Price.  We start with what the owner’s asking – and factor in how long the home’s been on the market. Most sellers price their homes a bit high, expecting there’ll be some haggling involved. A decent place to start is about 5% below the asking price.  But it depends on how “hot” the market is, and competition from other potential buyers.  If you love it and have-to-have-it, you may not want to risk an offer that could alienate the seller.  We also try to get a scoop on the seller’s psychology.    Is there a deadline that could make your offer more attractive to them?

  1. Comparables / Market Analysis.  We show you comparable home values in the 92831, 92832, 92833, 92835 and other applicable zip code, to help you decide if the price point is on par.  Supply and demand could force your hand.  If many people are competing for few homes, and you really love it, you might do well to lead with your best offer.  Otherwise, you could find yourself outbid, and never get the chance to counter before they accept some other offer.

  2. Improvements and Adjustments.   We always make a list of ways in which the home is you want is both better than its comparables, and ways in which it’s less good .  This helps us refine your offer, so you are confident you’re not paying more than you must.

Once the offer is in, the seller may counter.  You can choose to counter-offer again, but you don't want to go back and forth too much.  At some point, we’ll have to meet on a price and possible tradeoffs that still feel like a “win” for you … and that leave the seller feeling it was fair as well.

WHY Erica Jeong’s among the top Fullerton real estate agents

We know you’re looking for an advocate.  You want pros who use their experience to get you the RIGHT home.  Not just any home will do.  You need a realtor who’s a neighborhood specialist and has the particular expertise in the exact area you’re targeting – as only he or she can provide the pros and cons that a generalist or out-of-area rep can’t offer.

Because your time is valuable, we preview homes on your behalf in advance.  We select a subset of houses and personally tour them with you – while keeping you informed of what’s coming on the market.  Between meetings, we make it easy for you to preview new homes in Fullerton CA online, and keep you abreast of other homes that have sold so you have your finger on the pulse of what’s possible, and what’s realistic.

Once we’ve found your perfect home, we negotiate so you don’t have to:  as your ally, to get you the best possible deal.  We check deadlines and re-check papers, so nothing slips through the cracks.  Customers trust us as their unbiased advisor throughout the process:  on tap for creative solutions to solve any problems.   Because we’ve seen just about everything.   Our integrity, knowledge and reliability build trust among all the parties, including the seller and others to ensure that nothing derails your desire to close on the home you want.  

We love helping buyers like you find dream homes for sale in Fullerton. That’s why we take the time to understand your unique lifestyle, needs and wishes.  You don't have to know everything, or even much about anything, to get started.  So let’s begin to look at your options.  We’re at your side with answers at every step, making your hope for a new home a reality.